Wealth Protocol is Coming…

  • Having to use multiple apps to keep track of investments made on different platforms
  • Being unable to track staked values directly in your wallet in turn providing you with inaccurate data to make the right investment decision
  • Manually importing and maintaining excel spreadsheets with details of each transaction
  • Having to use 2–3 different websites/applications/wallets for tracking the prices of tokens, viewing profit/loss statements for tokens in different wallets, trading tokens held across multiple wallets
  • Trying to understand capital gains, taxable events, cost-basis calculation methods for taxation, being unsure on what transactions to report based on tax jurisdiction.
  • Managing their investments made across multiple networks
  • Keeping track of their tokens, and value held in multiple wallets
  • Viewing their profits/losses in real time
  • Viewing the current book value, market value, and staked values of their crypto investments; and reflections received
  • Peace of mind by incorporating a contract analyzer that checks for HoneyPots and Rugpulls
  • Seamless transfers — add your contacts’ wallet addresses for seamless and quick transfers
  • Calculating their gains/losses on transactions to determine their tax obligations
  • Providing details that simplify the process of reporting and filing taxes on gains/losses on cryptocurrency




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